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Keep Warm This Winter

Due to the large number of Removals that we had this year. Reliable Tree Care has a large stock pile of Firewood available for purchase. We offer multiple types of Firewood, for use in heating units or in meat smokers.

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Heating with Firewood

Heating with wood offers both Heat and comfort. Whether you use wood as a primary source of heat or as a secondary comfort, such as sitting by a warm fireplace with a good book.

Choosing the right type of wood is important.Be sure that you do your research, and choose the right type of firewood for you and your situation. To assist with making the best decision for your situation, below you will find some information on the different types of wood that we offer.

What is a Cord?

A Cord is the common measurement used for the sell or purchase of Firewood. It is 4'x4'x8' of stacked wood totalling 128 Cubic Feet.

What are BTU's?

Before we can tell you about the types of Firewood we offer, we must first provide you with information on a key term that we will be discussing about the firewood we offer.

BTU's or British Thermal unit is the amount of energy required to heat one pound of liquid water by one degree fahrenheit. We now use BTU's to describe common things such as the amount of heat/energy generated by a furnace or by such things as wood or coal.

Types of Firewood

We offer Hard woods such as Ash, Locus, Walnut and Maple. At a rate of $300/cord.

Ash - 19.1 Million BTU's per cord.
Locus - 27.9 Million BTU's per cord.
Maple - 19.6 Million BTU's per cord.
Walnut - 22.5 Million BTU's per cord.

We offer Soft woods such as Aspen, Cedar and Pine. At a rate of $200/cord.

Aspen - 18.2 Million BTU's per cord.
Cedar - 16.0 Million BTU's per cord.
Pine - 18.3 Million BTU's per cord.

We offer Fruit woods, ideal for smoking meats, such as Apple, Apricot, Pear and Plum. At a rate of $300/cord.

Apple - 27.5 Million BTU's per cord.
Apricot - 28.3 Million BTU's per cord.
Pear - 32.0 Million BTU's per cord.
Plum - 25.6 Million BTU's per cord.

The above BTU amounts are industry standard amounts, that can vary depending on a number of conditions. As long as it is a good quality piece of wood, a few BTU's variance really will not make a huge difference.